#EchoChamber - HairlDub - OUT NOW! ✅ - Limited 7" dubplate cut + digital: - Junodownload: - Spotify: - Itunes: 4WDRCD015 - Echo Chamber - 4Weed Records After the success of 'Echoman' and 'We Are Rebels' on 4Weed Records, Italian producer Hairl Dub returns with a new powerful album: Echo Chamber. A release made up of 10 tracks mixed and produced in analogue, where powerful basses mixed with the warm lines of the analogue synths and the mystical melodica harmonies. The result is an album that seems to come directly from London in the early 2000s, a proper UK Dub style with the personal touch of Hairl Dub. 'Echo Chamber' comes from the deep bond between the Sicilian producer and the sea. 'Natural Steppa' video: Arrangement - Mix - Dub: Hairl Dub Mastering: Fabio Rootikal Artwork: Mirella Gaz Video: Alex Caroppi - I'll do me-filmaking Press: Subaddict Label: 4Weed Music Partner: basscomesaveme Vinyl pressing: Tapetodisk — Products shown: Natural Steppa - Limited Edition 7" Dubplate and Echo Chamber - Hairl Dub.

This musical gem will be out tomorrow! Natural Steppa - 7" 4Weed Dubplate vinyl - HairlDub Pre-order: - Hand-numbered, No Repress.

Babe Roots x 4Weed upcoming compilation 'X'. Experimental remix of Neva Fall, Ruben Da Silva.

Bredda Neil from King Shiloh Sound System plays our forthcoming release 'Zion Kingdom' on Red Light Radio, Amsterdam. Big up KS fam each and everytime! You can pre-order it here: Zion Kingdom Ep - Forthcoming 12" (10yrs special) feat. Matic Horns, Vibronics, Dread Lion and Mr Biska.

Natural Steppa - 7" 4Weed Dubplate vinyl - HairlDub Pre-order: - 50 copies, Hand-numbered, No Repress. "Under water we enter another world where colours are distorted, slow movements and touch are stressed, while the sounds travel fast and seem to come from everywhere; perception changes, as well as tempos and dynamics. Everything is comparable to the trance state that live dub on analogue mixer may create, a complete immersion in a different reality. The album concept is well-expressed in the video of Natural Steppa single which announces the album."

'Natural Steppa' - HairlDub available in limited edition of 50 copies Dubplate vinyl, Hand-numbered, No repress! Pre-order: It's flying away, be quick, don't sleep 😎

Thanks to all the people who ordered 'Zion Kingdom' test press! Five copies still available here: A digital gift for those who will order a copy, don't sleep on it! Watch the video: