4Weed Dubplate Series – ‘Natural Steppa’ – Hairl Dub

Taken from the upcoming album Echo Chamber, we proudly present the video of ‘Natural Steppa‘ by Hairl Dub! Original footage by Hairl Dub himself, creative director Alex Caroppi (I’ll do me-filmaking).We present our new series 4Weed Dubplate with a limited edition of 50 copies dubplate transparent vinyl of Natural Steppa + Natural Dub, coming with an insert of ‘Echo Chamber’ album artwork made by Lamiracore, a creative collage with original photos taken by the artist herself. Hand-numbered, No repress!
Echo Chamber‘ will be out on 24 May 2018, shipping will start the same day.

Under water we enter another world where colours are distorted, slow movements and touch are stressed, while the sounds travel fast and seem to come from everywhere; perception changes, as well as tempos and dynamics. Everything is comparable to the trance state that live dub on analogue mixer may create, a complete immersion in a different reality. The album concept is well-expressed in the video of Natural Steppa single which announces the album.