Sound System Culture


There are many Sound System documentaries around the web, we collected some of them on this page. Watch them and get passionate about sound system culture!

Sound system culture is now a global music movement. From Jamaica to the UK, from Japan to France, from the USA to Italy, all over the world you can hear a sound system playing. The sound system plays an important social role in promoting culture and music.

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Sound system is for those who can feel it!


Dubwise Festival 2019 – Dubwise Milano – 4Weed Music – Subaddict

Channel One – OBF Sound System – Rise & Shine Sound System – Dread Lion Hi Fi – Lion Warriah  
Sr Wilson – Shanti D – DNN – Tiberias Towa – Degenere – Vito War – Toolyo – Bassliner – Mind & Nature

Venue: Leoncavallo (Milano – ITA)
Thanks all the massive and crew! Video – Eventi Dub

Bass Sight 1

Bass Sight #1 – 4Weed Records & I’ll Do Me Filmaking production A story by: I’ll Do Me Filmaking / Alex Caroppi

October 20, 2018 – Dubwise X 4Weed Records, label showcase, at Leoncavallo (Milan). A rich and interesting international line up, a journey through which all the different styles of dub and bass music, with a special eye to the most modern sound experiments of the genre. Italian debut for Bukkha (Usa) and Bisweed (Est). Leoncavallo was created in 1975 in Milan following the illegal occupation of a factory that had been shut down and abandoned years before.

Dubwise X 4Weed Promoted by: Dubwise Milano, 4Weed Records, Location: Leoncavallo Spazio Pubblico Autogestito – Milan


Wah Do Dem – Bassliner feat Lion Warriah

A brand new single for Bassliner, producer based in Turin (Italy), composer of the heavy rotation ’Melody Riddim’, featuring Lion Warriah, coming off a collaboration with Zion Train. The sound is a mix of Digital Reggae, Hip Hop and Dub, featuring a punchy and scathing lyric that sticks in your head at first listening.

In jamaican patois, the expression ‘Wah Do Dem’ literally means ‘what’s wrong with them’, since the tune concentrates on abuse of power perpetrated in many different ways and places, apparently distant but so similar.
 Fighting for justice and solidarity is a crucial issue opposed to the indifference and selfishness of our time.The video reflects the lyrics, and the director’s cut leads to the awareness of what surrounds us, telling an everyday story of concrete jungle. We can’t no longer stay aside watching what is going on because it’s time to stand up and fight against the post-capitalism drift.

The single is dedicated to the brasilian activist Marielle Franco, who paid with her life the abuse of power. She was murdered during the shooting of the clip, and we want to honour her, trying to keep the memory and struggle alive.

Listen WAH DO DEM on Spotify

4Weed Dubplate Series – ‘Natural Steppa’ – Hairl Dub

Taken from the upcoming album Echo Chamber, we proudly present the video of ‘Natural Steppa‘ by Hairl Dub! Original footage by Hairl Dub himself, creative director Alex Caroppi (I’ll do me-filmaking).We present our new series 4Weed Dubplate with a limited edition of 50 copies dubplate transparent vinyl of Natural Steppa + Natural Dub, coming with an insert of ‘Echo Chamber’ album artwork made by Lamiracore, a creative collage with original photos taken by the artist herself. Hand-numbered, No repress!
Echo Chamber‘ will be out on 24 May 2018, shipping will start the same day.

Under water we enter another world where colours are distorted, slow movements and touch are stressed, while the sounds travel fast and seem to come from everywhere; perception changes, as well as tempos and dynamics. Everything is comparable to the trance state that live dub on analogue mixer may create, a complete immersion in a different reality. The album concept is well-expressed in the video of Natural Steppa single which announces the album.


Dubwise Festival Aftermovie

Dubwise Festival 2018 – Dubwise Milano – 4Weed Music – Subaddict
Aftermovie Video: I’ll Do Me

Artists: Aba Shanti I – Iration Steppas – Vibronics – Zion Train – Madu Messenger – Dread Lion – Lion Warriah – Ras Mikael – Vito War
Sound System: Echotronix sound system Rise and Shine sound system.

Venue: Live Music Club – Trezzo Sull’Adda (MI)
Thanks all the massive and crew!

Addis Zemen – Fahbro – Psalm Collective

  1. My Eyes
  2. King Instrumental
  3. Run Come Rally
  4. Righteous
  5. Beat Of My Heart
  6. Livity
  7. Praises
  8. No Partial
  9. New Iwah
  10. New Iwah (Dub Mix)

We are really proud to team up with Fahbro (Psalm Collective) for his upcoming album ‘Addis Zemen‘ – Out: 14.12.2017 – CD & Digital


‘Addis Zemen’, whose meaning in Amaric is “New era”,  is the first official EP by the producer Fahbro, after the single “Madiba” from Psalm Collective featured one of the most representative voices of UK reggae such as Macka B whose dub was made by Paolo Baldini (Alambic Conspiracy – Dub Files). Eight tunes with a very clear and marked orientation: Uk dub, roots and reggae sounds are the most prominent in “Addis Zemen”, both in substance and form; each vocal track has its own dub mix, an instrumental tune enriched with proper effects (delay, reverbs, phaser) and reviewed in the arrangement according to specific techniques. The tracks include some very interesting featuring, such as Sista Awa (prominent female voice of international reggae scene) in the opening tune ‘My Eyes’, Dan I (Imperial Sound Army) with ‘Run come rally’, Kazam Davis (Kingston, Jamaica) with ‘Beat of my heart’ and Mannaroman with ‘Sing praises’. ‘Addis Zemen’ is also enriched with the presence of musicians like Brother Martino (flute), Mandelion (mandolin), Miacola (trumpet), Luca Dread (melodic), Gianni Di Nonno (accordion), No Finger Nails (dub mix) who contribute to give some mysticism and refinement to this mature work.

‘Addis Zemen’, il cui significato in amarico si esplicita in ‘Nuova Era’, è il primo Ep ufficiale del producer Fahbro, che arriva dopo il singolo ‘Madiba’ prodotto con Psalm Collective, con la partecipazione di una delle voci più rappresentative del panorama reggae Uk come Macka B e il cui dub mix è stato curato da Paolo Baldini (Alambic Conspiracy – Dub Files). Otto brani diretti e decisi sulla direzione da prendere: Uk Dub, Roots e Reggae sono le sonorità che vengono esaltate in ‘Addis Zemen’, sia nella sostanza che nella forma; ogni brano vocale ha il suo relativo Dub mix, una strumentale arricchita da effettistica di genere (delay, riverberi, phaser..) e rivisitata nell’arrangiamento secondo tecniche specifiche. Nei brani molti featuring interessanti, a partire da Sista Awa (interessantissima voce femminile del panorama reggae internazionale) nella traccia di apertura ‘My Eyes’, Dan I (Imperial Sound Army) con ‘Run come rally’, Kazam Davis (Kingston, Jamaica) con ‘Beat of my heart’ e Mannaroman con ‘Praises’. ‘Addis Zemen’ è ulteriormente arricchito dalla presenza di musicisti come Brother Martino (flauto), Mandelion (mandolino, Miacola (tromba), Luca Dread (melodica), Gianni De Donno (fisarmonica), No Finger Nails (dub mix) che aggiungo- no un tocco di misticismo e raffinatezza ad un lavoro discografico completo, maturo.



Common Fears – ELND – Album Teaser

After three releases on vinyl and the debut ep ‘Frontline’ for 4Weed Records, we are excited to announce the long awaited ELND’s album ‘Common Fears’, a collision of dub, bass, sampling and electro music.

– Title: Common Fears – Format: Cd & Digital download – Cat.: 4WDRCD013 
– Release date: 28.11.2017 – *exclusive release date: 21.11.2017 – Junodownload / 4W store
– Label: 4Weed Records – Press and booking: Subaddict – Info: contact(at)
– Mastering: Fabio Rootikal – Artwork: Lamiracore


4Weed Records Showcase 2017

4Weed Records Showcase 14.10.2017 – Leoncavallo – Milan
Official aftermovie: I’ll do me-filmaking | Thanks: Dubwise Milano
Featuring: Bassliner – Denitto – Lion Warriah – Dread Lion Hi Fi – Sista Awa – Rootikal Dub Foundation – Toolyo – Bassline Visual Lab – All the #4Weederz!

Longside – The Italian Dubmentary DVD

Eng – Longside is a documentary, but also and most importantly a story of travel and discovery. It explores the evolution of dub sound systems in Italy.
Sound systems were originally born as an expression of Jamaican counterculture; thanks to the strength of their message, they grew and managed to find their space in the mainstream arena. The cameras of Longside sneak into the most thriving scenes in Italy, where dub music means local identity, refuge, freedom, growth and militancy in the name of strong ideals – often forgotten – such as justice and equality. Through stories told by the main players in the scene, Longside explores the musical journey of a style that, evolving in the distant Jamaica first and in the UK later, has widened its horizons. It is a music that has taken on different expressions depending on local contexts and that has made a clear mark on the Italian peninsula. 

Ita  Documentario, ma anche e soprattutto viaggio e scoperta. Longside ripercorre le tappe del movimento dei soundsystem dub italiani. Nati come espressione della vivace controcultura jamaicana, i sound system sono riusciti grazie alla forza del loro messaggio, a crescere fino a varcare i confini del mainstream. La telecamera di Longside si addentra in quei luoghi in cui la scena è più fiorente, lì dove la dub music è identità locale, rifugio, libertà, crescita e militanza in nome di ideali forti, ma spesso dimenticati, quali la giustizia e l’uguaglianza. Le testimonianze dirette dei protagonisti ricostruiscono il percorso musicale di uno stile che, dalla lontana Jamaica prima e dall’Inghilterra poi, ha allargato i propri orizzonti acquisendo sfumature diverse a seconda dei contesti, lasciando un segno distintivo in Italia.


Length: 46:33 min
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Format: Dvd
Resolution: 1080 HD

Distribuzione: 4Weed Music
Regia e Montaggio: Federico Romanello
Interviste a cura di: Saverio Maria Soriani, Maria Paola Marinelli, Federico Romanello
Traduzione a cura di: Mira Peliti
Supporto tecnico: Area Giovani Ferrara
Hanno collaborato: Zion Station/Arci Bolognesi crew, Bruno Leggieri, Luca Brindisino, Salvatore Aquilani

Con (in ordine di apparizione):
Mimmo Superbass – I&I Project – Bari/Altamura
Dan-I – Imperial Soud Army – Feltre (BL)
Paco Ten – Sankara Warriors – Trepuzzi (LE)
Well Jahdgment – Moa Anbessa – Mestre (VE)
Brian – Bababoom Hi Fi – Napoli
Marco – Black Star Line – Vaste (LE)
Lapo – Jah Station – Firenze
Roberto – SunWeed – Napoli
Mimmo – Angel Dub – Altamura (BA)
Davide – I-Militant – Trepuzzi (LE)
Marco Zion – Mystical Powa – Caserta
Vax – Lion’s Way – Roma
Davi – Warrior Charge – Udine
Mimmo – Brucia Town Fa-Mass – Napoli
Lord Martufè – Consciousness – Matera
Enzo Paolo – Roots Reality Hi Fi – Ruvo (BA)
Gianpaolo – Gianpy Sound – Gravina (BA)
Buri – Moa Anbessa – Mestre (VE)
Fabri – Dread Lion Hi Fi – Bergamo
Lion Warriah – Sativa Dub Station – Napoli / Torino
Luca – LDM Linea di Massa – Roma
Prince David – Moa Anbessa – Mestre (VE)
Satta – Bababoom Hi Fi – Napoli
Giallo – Bababoom Hi Fi – Napoli
Lampa Dread – One Love Hi Powa – Roma

More info: Longside website