Support: Vinyl 
Year: 2018
Label: 4Weed Records & Elastica Records


1. Humanized feat. Olivia Foschi
2. Bi feat. Chiara Castello
3. Radical Breath
4. Mi No Like Dem feat. Rayna
5. No Redemption
6. Fractal Error feat. iKe
7. On Natural Selection
8. Core Matter
9. Fight or Flight

Biosfear, is the fourth album of the Natural Dub Cluster, out on April 4, 2018 for Elastica and 4Weed Records. Eight years after the TNDC’s first album, Neg-entropy, we are dealing with a mature work, strongly representative of the style and sound experimentations of the trio from Recanati, namely Basstride, H and TDDT. In Biosfear each track has its own explicit peculiarity, a sound identity that plunges into the different nuances of electronics and bass music, which Natural Dub Cluster tackle naturally and innovatively. Bold, solid, dense, Biosfear is a heterogeneous album, surprising in the succession of tracks, capable of intriguing and attracting listeners from different backgrounds, the pinnacle of a musical journey in constant progress and innovation. Produced by the Natural Dub Cluster, Biosfear is enriched by the collaboration of several artists, such as Olivia Foschi, Chiara Castello, Rayna and iKe.