Wah Do Dem – Bassliner feat Lion Warriah

A brand new single for Bassliner, producer based in Turin (Italy), composer of the heavy rotation ’Melody Riddim’, featuring Lion Warriah, coming off a collaboration with Zion Train. The sound is a mix of Digital Reggae, Hip Hop and Dub, featuring a punchy and scathing lyric that sticks in your head at first listening.

In jamaican patois, the expression ‘Wah Do Dem’ literally means ‘what’s wrong with them’, since the tune concentrates on abuse of power perpetrated in many different ways and places, apparently distant but so similar.
 Fighting for justice and solidarity is a crucial issue opposed to the indifference and selfishness of our time.The video reflects the lyrics, and the director’s cut leads to the awareness of what surrounds us, telling an everyday story of concrete jungle. We can’t no longer stay aside watching what is going on because it’s time to stand up and fight against the post-capitalism drift.

The single is dedicated to the brasilian activist Marielle Franco, who paid with her life the abuse of power. She was murdered during the shooting of the clip, and we want to honour her, trying to keep the memory and struggle alive.

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